When Does A Heating System Stop Blowing Hot Air

When Does A Heating System Stop Blowing Hot Air

Room heaters are extremely useful devices during the winter months and usually work smoothly throughout the cold season if kept well maintained. Nevertheless, once in a while, you may notice some problems cropping up and heaters not blowing hot air is one of them. This problem is quite common with the heaters, and there is no need to throw away the entire heater when this happens. 

Why does a heater stopped blowing hot air?

Here are some reasons why a heater might stop blowing hot air: 

  • An incorrectly set Thermostat: It may sound easy, but a thermostat not set to the correct mode will impact the heating operations. A thermostat set to on mode will cause the blower motor to run continuously even when the air passing over the coil is not heated.
  • Broken and Leaking Ducts: Lack of proper maintenance and ageing can extensively deteriorate the heater’s piping system. When a heater blows out hot air, the air mixes with the cold air that pierces the ductwork from the outside. 
  • Dirty and clogged air filters: A clogged or dirty air filter reduces the efficiency at which air flows over the heater’s heat exchanger. As a result, the heat exchanger becomes extremely hot and shuts down automatically.  
  • Improperly-Sized heater: The size of a heater plays a vital role in determining the heater’s effectiveness. A furnace that is smaller than the heating requirements of your home will not break down the hot air effectively, and a larger furnace will consume excess heat energy cycling between on and off. 
  • Dirty flame detector/Sensor: A flame detector covered with dirt will not function effectively and causes the heater to cycle between on and off. Repeated on-off cycles prevent the heat exchanger from getting ample time to heat up adequately.
  • Condensate Line issue: Another component of your heating system that requires regular maintenance is the condensate. The condensate lines tend to get clogged with dirt and grime, primarily if they are not appropriately maintained. 

These are the possible reasons that might stop your heater from blowing hot air, and it is advisable to get professional technician assistance to solve this problem, call for the best heating repair in Marietta, GA

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