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When Does a Heater Make Weird Noises?

When Does a Heater Make Weird Noises?

A gas or oil heater making noise is a matter of concern sometimes. But one should know which sounds made by the heating system are to be taken seriously and needs expert assistance. Identifying the strange sounds will help you take action quickly and potentially. 

Why does a heater make noise? 

Here are some reasons why a heater might be making strange noises: 

  • An issue with the fuel ignition
  • Dirty or clogged air filters
  • Loose ducts
  • A loose bowler fan 
  • Cracked heat exchanger 
  • Worn out fan belt
  • A leak

Type of noises made by a heating system:

Mostly your heating system will produce a distinct kind of noise to alert you to a potential problem. Here are some of the noises that you might hear from your heating system and call for the heating repair in Marietta, GA :

  • Heater Banging: A loud bang can be heard from the furnace when it kicks on if there is an issue with ignition. 
  • Heater Whistling: Furnace whistling occurs when something is interfering with the flow of air. It indicates that there is a blockage in the air filter that needs cleaning or replacement. 
  • Heater Clunking: A properly functioning furnace will not make clunking or knocking noises. One of the reasons a heater or furnace makes a knocking noise if there is an issue with the fan.
  • Heater Rumbling: When your heater or furnace powers on to complete a cycle, you might hear a gentle woosh or roaring sound. If the rumbling becomes loud and continues even after the heater is switched off, it is mostly due to a problem with the burner. 
  • Heater Screeching or Scraping: You will hear a screeching or scraping sound from the heater if a piece of metal is dragged across another piece of metal. 
  • Heat Pump Loud Vibration: If you start hearing a loud vibration noise from the heat pump, it is most likely because of an uneven surface.
  • Rattling ducts: A rattling noise from an air duct is produced when something is loose about the duct, such as the joints, and heat is lost from it. 

If your heating system is suddenly rattling, clanking, banging, or whistling, it is advisable to contact a trained technician to evaluate the problem.  

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