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When Does a Furnace Fail to Turn On?

When Does a Furnace Fail to Turn On?

When it is cold outside, everyone needs their heaters to work. Whether you are using a gas furnace or a heat pump, broken equipment makes you put on thick jackets, pull out the space heaters, and endure a whole lot of discomfort. But one should know why their heating system is not turning on and the severity of the problem. 

Why does a heater stop turning on?

While there are several reasons why your furnace or heat pump might not be working, and you need the heating repair in Marietta, GA. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Lack of  Maintenance: More often than not, the problem is that your furnace or heating system is plain dirty: 
  • A dirty blower motor might lead to equipment failure
  • Dirty air filters confine airflow and can amplify extant problems with improper duct sizing
  • A dirty flame sensor won’t let your system to light the burners
  • Dirty burners won’t allow your furnace to operate properly 
  • Too much gas: Furnace or heat pump manufacturers have specs for how much gas their equipment should burn. You need to calibrate the equipment during installation to make sure it works properly. 
  • Dead Blower Capacitor: The capacitor starts your furnace when the thermostat setting instructs it to turn on. Capacitors have tolerance, and if the tolerance level is below a certain level, the blower might not achieve the proper RPM. 
  • Low refrigerant levels: Your heating system’s refrigerant level can get a bit too lower and cause the heat strips to come on more often than you want them to and lead the compressor to overheat and fail. 
  • Dead starting components: All components of a heat pump can go numb for any number of reasons. Failed starting components can prevent the blower or outdoor unit from working efficiently and won’t let the system heat your home. 
  • Bad inducer draft motor: A draft inducer is a small motor that helps the heat exchanger clear off excess gas. If the draft inducer motor starts pulling high amps, it can ultimately burn out. 
  • Improper ductwork design or installation: Sometimes, the problem is not your heater at all. It’s your ductwork. Inefficient ductwork design and installation will eventually lead the system to overheat and fail.  

Contact a professional technician for assistance as soon as you encounter any of the above problems preventing your heater from turning on. 

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