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What To Know About The Size Of An AC Unit Before Installation?

What To Know About The Size Of An AC Unit Before Installation?

If you want to install a new air conditioner, you must examine several aspects. The size of your air conditioning unit is one such issue. It is crucial to select the appropriate air conditioner depending on the size of your house.

How to Choose the right air conditioner? Where can you get AC installation in Kennesaw, GA?

Undersized air conditioning system

An undersized air conditioning system consumes too much energy to cool down a room, particularly because they take longer hours to do the job. The air conditioning system might get damaged if it’s run for longer hours. It becomes a problem, especially during the summer season.

These air conditioners can only cool down small spaces and aren’t suitable for large areas. Reduced airflow can be extremely uncomfortable for household residents. Getting the right size air conditioner can drastically reduce power consumption and make your system more efficient.

Apart from this, it promotes an increase in airflow. A repair professional can help determine a suitable air conditioner for your house.

Oversized air conditioning system

Homeowners often think that a big air conditioning unit could be better than those that are small. However, buying a large AC unit can be problematic. A reason behind this is that an oversized air conditioner tends to cool down a room faster than a normal-sized one.

A large air conditioner experiences short cycling where it switches on and off continuously. Short cycling might cool the room faster. However, it does not remove the humidity of a room. Apart from this, air conditioners that experience short cycling tend to consume excess power.

Another disadvantage of buying an oversized air conditioner is the cost. Large air conditioners are quite expensive. The maintenance costs for these air conditioners are also high. If you own a large-sized air conditioner, the best solution to fix this problem is to replace it.

However, If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, it’s a good idea to think about things like the size of your room and the amount of space available for AC installation before making a decision.

How to find the right-sized air conditioner?

Professionals that work on air conditioners have appropriate knowledge about them. The best approach to finding a suitable air conditioner for your house is by talking to these professionals and taking their advice. They use “cooling load calculation ” techniques to determine the size of an air conditioner. The steps involved in calculating these values are –

The first step in calculating the tonnage of your air conditioner is finding out the area of your room.
Multiply the length and width of your room to get the total square feet.
Multiply the total square feet with “20,” which gives the space’s British Thermal Unit cooling load.

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