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Commerical Rooftop AC Repair in Roswell

Heating repair in Marietta, Atlanta and Kennesaw, GACommerical Rooftop AC Repair in Roswell

If you are looking for Commerical Rooftop AC Repair in Roswell then call us today.  We specialize in Roof Top HVAC Replacement and Repair for Businesses, Hospitality, Hotels, Office Buildings, and more. Call Top Tech Mechanical today for a professional estimate and quote.

Commercial rooftop units, also known as RTUs, can be referred to as package units due to their self-contained nature. All the components required for providing conditioned air are integrated into one compact unit. This allows them to handle both heating and air conditioning (split system) or just one of the two, depending on the specific commercial requirements.

Package units are commonly found in various commercial and industrial properties and applications. They resemble large metal enclosures housing all the necessary components to effectively condition the air for the building occupants below. These components include an expansion device, an evaporator, a compressor, and an air-cooled condenser.

The package rooftop units are designed to connect directly to the interior ductwork system, which efficiently delivers conditioned air to the intended space. After circulating throughout the area, the air is then directed back to the package unit through return air ducts. This setup ensures the efficient and effective distribution of conditioned air throughout the building.

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