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Ice Build Up Inside the Walk-In

Ice Build Up Inside the Walk-In | Top Tech Mechanical

Ice Build Up Inside the Walk-In

Ice Build Up Inside the Walk-In

For a business, when such pricey equipment that you rely on constantly is not working properly, it can be very disheartening.  Top Tech Mechanical Services, Inc. is here to let you know that every problem has a resolution – we can fix it! If you’ve got ice build-up inside the walk-in, it can be due to a number of reasons.

Walk-In Door Left Open Too Long

Sometimes during stocking or inventory, the walk-in gets left open, and humid air floods in. Once the air begins to freeze, ice will accumulate over the walls, ceiling, and food. Over time, this can lead to food safety issues, so addressing the issue and taking measures to stop it will be important to adhere to.

Faulty Walk-In Door

It’s the same thing that you may experience with leaving the door open too long, but over time. Something that a lot of kitchen staff do not realize is that it drives up your electric bills, making them exponentially more pricey due to the conditioned air seeping out over time.

Insulation Issues

As your freezer or refrigerator ages, the insulation panel may become more and more saturated with humidity and ice over. If you turn off your equipment and are noticing leaks, you are probably dealing with faulty insulation and are not only experiencing increasing electric bills but also may be having issues with food safety. Contact us for any HVAC repair in Marietta.

Damaged Gaskets

Exposing your food to outside air, when you have a leaky gasket is a major pain. You’re letting your costly refrigerated air leak out with every passing moment – driving up your operational costs and running into future issues with breakdowns due to the system having to overwork itself.

Pressure Relief Port

Are you having trouble opening the freezer door? It’s could be due to a failing heated pressure relief port that prevents the build-up of pressure in most walk-ins.

We hope that this blog has helped you some with understanding why you may be experiencing ice buildup inside the walk-in. If you need help with repairs, just give us a call!