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HVAC Repair In Kennesaw GA

HVAC Repair In Kennesaw GA

HVAC Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are designed for heating and cooling your homes. An HVAC system is designed using thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics. Humidity control can be added as a feature in an HVAC system. Understanding how heating and cooling systems work helps in understanding how an HVAC system functions. 

  • Gravity Systems

A gravity system is based on the principle that when hot air rises, cold air sinks. A basement is the best place to keep these systems. When this system is switched on, warm air rises through your ceiling and warms up your house. When this air cools down, it sinks, and the newly heated air rises. You cannot use these systems with air conditioning.

  • Forced Air Systems

A forced-air system uses a blower to force out hot or cold air through metal ducts. One set of ducts forces hot air out of it while cold air is sent through another set of ducts. This depends on whether you’re using an A/C or a furnace. A forced-air system’s blowers can stop working as they get older. Cheaper systems may get noisier with time.

  • Radiant System

Just like gravity systems, you cannot use radiant systems in conjunction with air conditioning systems. A radiant heating system is designed to heat the external surfaces of a room: the floors, walls, or ceilings of a room. Radiant systems use pipes to transport hot water. These pipes are prone to malfunction. 

Every HVAC system has four major parts. They are the furnace, air conditioner, ductwork, and thermostat. Sometimes you may not notice that your unit isn’t working and that it needs professional help. You can just look out for the following signs:

  • High electricity bills

If your heater or air conditioner has some defect or hasn’t been repaired in a while, it may cause your electricity and gas bills to soar high. As and how you use your heater, it might take more time to get the house to the right temperature. It is bound to get a little efficient after a point. If your electricity bill suddenly goes up an evident number of units, it might be time to call a professional repair service.

  • Your unit becomes noisy

Heating systems may start rattling, banging, and creaking as they get old. You must get a professional to tend to your system because your ignorance will only lead to more heater problems.

The unit keeps going on and off, or you need to keep adjusting the temperature. This is generally a sign that something is wrong with your thermostat. Your rooms may not heat up evenly in such a case, or you may have to adjust the temperature constantly. You must call someone for professional help before the situation gets out of hand.

  • Water leaks out of your system

This is a sign of multiple issues. It could mean that your unit is leaking refrigerant, which is a harmful substance. 

You should also be aware if you start experiencing higher humidity or a bad odor from your unit. If you see the above signs, you must seek professional help immediately before the situation gets worse. Do not doubt your instinct. If you think your HVAC systems need to be tended to, call Top Tech Mechanical Services, Inc to handle the rest. Call us now for HVAC repair in Kennesaw GA.