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AC Not Working? 10 Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Repair

AC Not Working? 10 Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Repair

10 Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Repair

It is extremely awkward to ask the technician just to come out and check your system only to find a rather obvious switch to be the problem. Some typical problems with central air conditioning have straightforward fixes. Therefore, if something goes wrong, save time and money by performing these basic controls before calling your trusted expert for an AC services in Marietta.

1. Circuit break

This should be the first thing to check if your AC doesn’t start. Check whether the circuit breaker has tripped and turned it on. If this happens often, call in an electrician.

2. Thermostat problems

When AC doesn’t switch off even after reaching the set temperature or shows no digits and shuts off when set to heat option, you may need a new thermostat. 

3. Check the capacitor

Defective capacitors cause the engine to be overheated, which will eventually shut down. However, before you get to the capacitors, make sure you have ruled out the thermostat and circuit breaker. 

4. Noisy ducts

Usually, many heating and cooling lines are metallic. Therefore, any loose panels can cause noisy ducts. Be sure to follow the line for the same if you hear weird noises from your AC. If the problem persists, you may need insulation that absorbs vibrations.

5. Water dripping at the base of the air handler

If this happens, one of the pipers may be leaking due to a blockage. Algae is a common source of obstruction. You can fix this by using a vacuum cleaner and sucking out water or by replacing the pipe.

6. Condensate pump

A ball float that rises with the water level should ideally help your pump to turn on automatically. If this doesn’t happen, your pump may be blocked or broken. Be sure to look for clogs and clean the pump.

7. Pump overflow

The water may not discharge, yet your condensate pump may be working. Look for a check valve placed before the discharge tube to see if it is blocked and clear it.

8. Indoor air handler

Your air handler might be making a lot of noises such as grinding, squealing, etc. The squealing noise may be due to the worn belts of belt-driven motors. On the other hand, engines with ball bearings may be making grinding noises when the covers are worn out.

9. AC is on but does not cool

Limited airflow to the system can lead to lower cooling. The air filters, registers, and compressors are good areas to inspect. An air handler might jam due to low refrigerant content and filthy filters. 

10. Safety switch

A safety switch or “emergency stop” button is included for some AC units. Make sure the toggle rests in the ‘on’ position. If not, flip over, and your AC unit will turn on again.

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