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7 Signs That Indicate Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

7 Signs That Indicate Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Furnace maintenance services like tune-ups can drastically change the way a furnace functions. Not only does it involve cleaning out the dirt and soot that gets attached to the furnace, but it is also a time during which the furnace receives a complete inspection. Technicians are offering HVAC repair in Kennesaw state that tune-ups need to occur once every year to assure that it does not degenerate to such an extent that it cannot be saved. 

However, you may need furnace service in Kennesaw if you find that these seven issues are occurring in your heating system:


  • Carbon Monoxide Leak

A furnace is said to be releasing carbon monoxide into a home when the flame in the furnace is burning with a yellow color. Usually, the flame in the furnace should be blue. Therefore, it is essential to check the flame occasionally. 

  • Increasing Dust

The furnace may also be the reason for releasing a significant amount of dust. This primarily occurs because the air filter in the furnace is dirty or the humidifier is not functioning correctly. If either of these takes place, there is a chance that the air quality in your home decreases. To resolve the problem, this is advisable to replace the air filter.  

  • Strange Odors

If the furnace is functioning correctly, there is a chance that you may smell the dust. However, if there are unpleasant smells like burning rubber, smoke, or oil, this is not normal. It will require investigation and possibly extensive furnace repair. 

  • High Utility Bills

Furnaces are also known to be quite efficient while it is functioning. However, over time and with a significant amount of wear and tear, this efficiency can decrease, which means that the utility bills will increase drastically compared to the ones before. 

  • Strange Noises

The noises that emanate from the furnace can be due to various factors ranging from loose components to non-lubricated parts. While any problems, it can even indicate a gas leak. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that these noises are investigated. 

  • Improper Heating

A furnace may also not be able to distribute heat in the room due to an obstruction that may be present within the system or in the ductwork. It can also signal a problem with the components that control the airflow, like a motor or fan. 

  • Absence Of Heat

If the furnace cannot blow any heat, it can mean that the system is failing as a whole. This tends to happen due to a broken pilot light or thermocouple problems which can take a significant amount of fixing. During this case, you will become to contact the emergency HVAC installation in Kennesaw, GA to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

If your furnace is exhibiting one or more of these signs, you may have to act quickly and hire capable technicians to tackle the problem. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, consider hiring Top Tech Mechanical Services, Inc. Schedule an appointment today by calling 678-253-2239 or dropping an email  at