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7 Indications That Shows It’s Time To Replace Your Old AC!

7 Indications That Shows It’s Time To Replace Your Old AC!

The use of air conditioners is necessary for living a pleasant and comfortable life. But eventually, one day, you have to discard your old AC system and bring in a new one. But why eliminate your old AC system when it breaks down when you can get exchange prices or offers on your old but running system.

Local governments and manufacturing companies have schemes where you get benefits on exchanging your old AC system. You have to get in touch with the air conditioner installation in Marietta, GA, because the offer applies to limited AC system models.

How To Know Whether It Is Time To Replace The AC System?

Here are some signs that you will recognize whether it is time or not:

  • Frequent Calls To Repair Technician

Your old AC system needs regular maintenance to operate efficiently. But if your AC unit requires repairs more frequently, you might want to think about replacing it. According to the AC replacement in Marietta, if you do not change your AC system on time, you will probably end up paying more energy costs and expensive maintenance.

  • Increased Humidity

Another indication that it is time to replace your old AC is if your home seems humid. An air conditioning system chills the warm air by drawing moisture out of it, then returning the cool air into the house. When the evaporator coils malfunction, humidity problems start to develop in the household.

  • Unusual Sounds

The AC units operate with hardly any noise at all, but with years the noise levels increase. When the noise becomes unbearable, it hints that it needs maintenance or replacement service.

However, if any strange sounds like screeching, squealing, rattling, and others catch your attention, then calling and explaining the problem to an expert AC repair in Marietta will help you resolve the issue.

  • Your Unit is a Decade Years Old!

Your air conditioner may need to be replaced because of its age because when the AC system crosses the ten years threshold, the AC system efficiency decreases. You might be able to reduce your monthly energy costs by replacing them and calling maintenance services on a schedule.

  • Increasing Energy Bills

An increase in energy costs also hints that you need to replace your air conditioner because the system consumes more electricity than its requirement. Your utility statement may reflect the excessive energy demand caused by a broken machine. For an accurate system diagnosis, it is best to call a professional.

  • Leakage in the AC Unit!

Excessive water dripping from your unit can harm your house interiors and increases the humidity.

Call the experts for AC repair immediately if you observe an excessive coolant leak or massive pools of water surrounding the AC unit.

  • Poor Air Flow

External debris and dust particles hamper the air filters and ducts system. It is essential to replace the AC filters every 1-3 months to ensure the air in your surroundings is clean and healthy.


We will recommend calling a house estimate before buying an AC system. A technician considers all the essential factors that will help to choose a perfect AC system out of numerous options in the store.