5 Inescapable Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

5 Inescapable Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

HVAC systems hold an important and, most times, underrated place in the office workspace. This giant unit is one of the reasons why one can continue grinding at their jobs despite the temperature outside. Be it a sweltering day outdoors or working through frigid temperatures.

HVAC systems can contribute significantly to the comfort of employees. This fact means that a workplace should take extra care to ensure the system’s proper functioning by hiring HVAC repair in Marietta.

A typical HVAC system tends to deteriorate over time, as with every other appliance. With this deterioration comes a range of unpleasant occurrences and signs.

5 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

1. Distinct and unpleasant odour

HVAC systems that are on their way out tend to impart a strange and sometimes musty smell as their function. However, different smells can come from a unit depending on the problem at hand.

If a person reports a pungent smell coming from the unit, it will mean that the wire’s insulation is not set properly. A mildew smell indicates the growth of mould. Both these cases require repair.

2. Expensive energy cost

With so many expenses to worry about, one should closely monitor their energy costs, especially when an HVAC system runs daily. A drastic increase in the electricity will indicate that the system has lost some efficiency. One will have to call a technician to find the cause behind this decrease in inefficiency.

This problem can be attributed to a variety of broken or non-functional parts. For example, low refrigerant, broken capacitors and motors, duct leaks and dirty filters, and more.

3. Broken thermostats

A non-functional thermostat can have many implications. That is, attaining the desired temperature in a room is more difficult. Finally, the utility bills will increase. In either case, it will be an expensive affair if left unchecked.

This is because the thermostat is said to be the command centre of the unit. The thermostat not working will not send any input to the interior components to carry out cooling.

4. Unequal cooling or heating

At times the distribution of air through the network of ducts may not take place very seamlessly. This can also be a problem with zone control. It can probably be due to two reasons.

The first reason is concerning the thermostat sensors. These sensors may not be functioning properly, causing uneven cooling. Or it could also be a problem with the dampers present in the ducts.

5. Past lifespan

Finally, the more obvious reason that the system may require frequent repairs is that the system is way past its prime. The HVAC system has around 15 to 17 years of optimal functioning, after which the system will start to break down completely. At this point, an individual will have to decide between repairing it or replacing it entirely.

After noticing these five signs, it becomes clear that the HVAC system needs a bit of sprucing up. Get in touch with us and receive affordable yet good-quality HVAC repair in Kennesaw, GA. Call us at (678) 253-2239 or send an email at service@toptechmech.com.