4 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning!

 4 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning!

Air ducts are an important component of air conditioners, although they are frequently overlooked. Air ducts become dirty and clogged with particles from the environment, and they must be checked and cleaned regularly. To guarantee that your family is inhaling clean air, air ducts must be cleaned and repaired regularly. However, some myths frequently mislead and act as a deterrent to seeking air duct cleaning in Kennesaw, GA.

Continue reading to learn about the major myths that prevent households from seeking air duct cleaning.

  • Air duct cleaning involves hazardous chemicals.

It is a myth that air duct cleaning necessitates harsh chemicals that can harm a family member’s health.  It is quite acceptable to be concerned about the health of one’s family, but this is not the case; by instructing the specialist performing air duct cleaning, to utilize only non-chemicals and make sure that no harmful chemicals are used and that the residents are in a completely safe atmosphere. It’s also effective against mold growth simultaneously.

  • The air duct doesn’t get dirty

This is a very talked-about myth about air duct cleaning. People usually believe that ducts do not get dirty, which is certainly not the case. Dirt, pollen, dust, and other minute particles get encrusted on the duct walls. The ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years to extend the air conditioner’s life and maintain a healthy indoor atmosphere. They frequently become homes for vermin and rats. Homeowners must inspect their ducts regularly and seek air duct cleaning for better in-house airflow.

  • Air ducts don’t affect the quality of airflow

Many homeowners believe that air ducts do not affect airflow quality, which is a major myth that sometimes leads to health problems. Dirty air ducts are more likely to cause headaches, tiredness, flu, and even serious breathing problems. Even if there are filters installed on air ducts, the residence is subject to dirt, pollen, and other harmful particles in the air. This is why routine AC services in Marietta is advised.

  • Ducts get dirty when AC is used

Unfortunately, this fallacy frequently misleads people into believing that their ducts will become unclean if they use air conditioning, which is not the case. Any type of forced air system can enter the ducts and contaminate them. Ducts used for heat or ventilation are prone to become dirty regardless of whether the airflow is hot or cold. When ducts become dirty, it is crucial to seek expert air duct cleaning, to maintain hygiene and a healthy environment.

Homeowners should keep an eye on the ducts to breathe clean air and maintain a healthy indoor airflow. They must not believe in myths and must carefully monitor the air ducts and contact Kennesaw, GA air duct cleaning regularly.

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