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3 Common Problems In The Furnace That Requires Repair

3 Common Problems In The Furnace That Requires Repair

Has your furnace stopped working all of a sudden or blowing out cold air? Many of them face these issues in their furnace. A furnace works to produce heat in a low-temperature zone where withstanding in chilled winters is next to impossible. However, a furnace has many types like a gas furnace, oil furnace, and electric furnace. They are a costly but essential investment.

When you face a problem with your furnace, there can be many internal reasons that need a quick furnace repair in Marietta from professionals. Let’s go through those three common problems your furnace may face.

  • The problem with the air filter

 The furnace filter helps in filtering the air that is pulled in through the return duct. It safeguards the blower fan from all the dust and impurities. When you notice that your furnace is not working the way it should or blowing out cold air instead of heat, this might be due to the air filter. When the air filter gets choked with dust particles, it restricts the flow of air to the system.

 When there is an inadequate flow of air in the furnace, the limit switch that signals the blower will be unable to perform its function. This can also become a reason for your furnace to blow cold air.

  • The problem with the motor

 You might hear sounds from the furnace that annoys you. The problem could be in the blower motor. If you have a belt-driven motor, the belt may sometimes become loose and make noise in the system. Here you require to adjust the belt position or may even have to replace it. However, the failed bearings can also cause the blower motor to get damaged.

 Accumulation of the dirt in the motor can lead to malfunction of the furnace. It is also important to contact a professional if you notice an overheating of the blower motor.

  • The burner stops working

 Here, the actual problem may be with the thermostat. When the thermostat fails to detect the exact temperature and sends wrong signals to the igniter, the problem may arise. As per the working of the furnace, every component in it is dependent on each other to produce heat in the room. And as stated before, when the igniter is unable to get the proper signal, it further restricts the pilot light to burn. Which in turn stops the burners from lighting up.

Such a problem may also arise when the dirty ignitor is left uncleaned.

The furnace functions appropriately when the other components in it function well at the same time. Such a problem in your furnace may arise due to the lack of maintenance. A maintained furnace always ensures that it performs well and provides you the comfort and reliability.

It is crucial to keep a check on your furnace for regular intervals. This will save you from the sudden breakdown of the system. A repair and maintenance from a professional service is a must that avoids any further issues. If your furnace requires an in-depth check and repair, you can quickly get in touch with Top Tech Mechanical Services, Inc., a qualified furnace repair service in Kennesaw, GA.